something important

Self-reflection in the bubbles of Pt Molate Beach by Michelle Puckett

“I see the foam, hear the melting ice,
and know that I’m part of something important.”

irreplaceable, Part 50

it’s like this:

the earth loves us
wants us
made us

all that work!

an eternity
of experience
to call upon

& she made us!

i’m reflected
in her watery mirror

by design,
on purpose

she, making art
providing the “where”
for me to exist

telling us
this is important:
pay attention.”

This poem is one in a series titled, Riparian: the banks of our love, a poetic collaboration for National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) with Samantha Wallen and Michelle Puckett.

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Michelle Puckett, MFA is a poet, doula, permaculturalist, coach and Co-Founder of Creating Freedom Movements, a social justice school for activists. All of her work aims to nourish the sacred and make it plain in every day life.



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